Financial inclusion is one of the key levers with the greatest potential for economic and social progress. ACCESS is positioned as a gateway agency, enabling the poor in their effective access to resources, information, finance, markets and entitlements. It develops composite models that are sustainable and designs “lift and shift” strategies that can be replicated across contexts and regions. Among others, the ACCESS efforts focus on integrating the financial value chain through organising demand and catalyzing supply.

On the ground, ACCESS incubates emerging MFIs and builds their capacity to help them upscale their operations, enhance their portfolio and meet the growing demand among poor communities.

ACCESS also seeks to facilitate on-lending fund flows from financial institutions through the *ACCESS Microfinance Alliance platform (AmFA), which counts more than 130 MFI partners, reaching out to 3.9 million clients.

At the national level, ACCESS aims at supporting the enabling environment by setting up the Inclusive Finance India Summit, an important platform for sector stakeholders to deliberate on national level policy issues related to financial services to the poor. The objective is to highlight issues and challenges pertaining to expansion of financial inclusion and microfinance services to the poor in India by influencing the policy to create a conducive environment in the financial value chain. The summit brings together the global community of stakeholders engaged in advancing access to finance and to help create an eco-system in which all efforts add up and contribute to an aggregate outcome.