About Inclusive Finance India Summit

Inclusive Finance India is a global policy platform on financial Inclusion setup with the objective of enabling cross-pollination ofbest practices and break throughs,specifically to influence India’s Financial Inclusion strategy and campaign. Inclusive Finance India,with its legacy of more than14 years, has provided a strong articulation for building a vision and astrong ecosystem with clearly defined roles for stake holders and making key recommendations on financial inclusion policy, regulation, supervision, technology advancements, client protection and institutional framework. The Inclusive Finance India Summit strives to bring together all stake holders in the financial inclusion value chain and to help create an eco-system where all effort scoll aborate and contribute to a large aggregate outcome. The Summit seeks to inform, influence and support policy towards strengthening an enabling environment, besides providing a platform to discuss key issues and challenges and build consensus on the way forward. Appropriate session themes that will help in understanding the roles of diverse stakeholders, identify impeding and enabling factors, assess the value of different models, understand technological innovations, private sector initiatives and government initiatives that focus on financial inclusion are designed for discussions and recommendations. The Summit also provides opportunities for learning from experiences and innovations in other regions of the world. The Summit invites participation from the Ministry of Finance, the Reserve Bank of India, Banks, payments gateways, multilateral/bilateral agencies, private sector and other stake holders from with in and outside the country to share experiences and delve and deep dive into critical issues.  
In the past, the Summit has facilitated candid discussions on issues like policy environment, data analytics in financial inclusion, technology, BCmodel, transparency, pricing, customer protection, supply side issues, impact,and innovations in the sector, among others. TheSummit is a bridge to the gaps between policy and practice in the financial sector.Typically the Inclusive Finance India Summit includes sessions around – moving from bank accounts to transactions; status, ecosystem and challenges in digital financial inclusion; role of new institutional initiatives and their achievements; emerging regulatory and client level issues and risks in fintech; client level risks in microfinance lending;  emerging role and profile of MFIs in the evolving ecosystem; responsible finance and client protection ,agent banking; customer centricity;  addressing the gap for MSME lending; reporting on Self Help Groups; gender gap in financial inclusion; financial capability building; value chain financing; agriculture lending, financing for water and sanitation, among others.