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Inclusive Finance India Initiative


A global platform set up by ACCESS to support the drive for universal and comprehensive financial inclusion in India through policy dialogue, knowledge dissemination and influencing policy making process. The Inclusive Finance India platform contributes to creation of an enabling ecosystem for effective and efficient access to financial services at the last mile.

Inclusive Finance India Summit

A global platform designed to foster dialogue and deliberation on issues, policy outlook and practice frameworks in the area of financial inclusion, with an aim to build and track a unified vision for access to financial services in India.

Inclusive Finance India

An in-depth, well researched one-stop, state of sector reference book presenting the advancements in the policy and implementation in financial inclusion in the country during the year.

Inclusive Finance India Awards

An effort to recognize, honor and encourage the contribution of thought leaders, practitioners, policy makers, institutions and researchers in advancing financial inclusion in India.


Policy Retreats

Small format roundtables and stakeholder forums involving policy makers, regulators, financial institutions, technical agencies, industry associations, investors and academicians, for deliberating and providing consensus based recommendations on policies for enhancing financial inclusion in a responsible manner.

Studies and Policy Papers

State of practice studies that document best practices while highlighting gaps in processes focused on specific delivery or institutional channel and policy papers that review specific policy aspect and provide recommendations based on secondary research and stakeholder views.

Inclusive Finance India

Virtual discussions with thought leaders and sector experts on pertinent themes of financial inclusion to enhance cross learning of best practices from across the globe.