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Making Financial Products more Responsive for Women Entrepreneurs, 2019
Women entrepreneurs in India comprise only 10% of the total number of entrepreneurs in the country. User-centric, context-specific financial instruments, and their access and uptake continue to be a key barrier for women-owned enterprises. Researchers from IWWAGE and LEAD opened the side event providing an overview of the current landscape of women entrepreneurs in India and the challenges they face in accessing financial products.
Microfinance-Investors Market Place, 2019
The Lenders & Investors Meet, which MFIN organizes every year, is an endeavor to connect the MFIs with lenders & investors and built a mutual relationship for a better understanding of different institutions operating within the sector. The ‘Lenders and Investors Meet’ at the Inclusive Finance India Summit provided a platform for the Member MFIs, Lenders and Investors to interact, with focus on small and medium sized MFIs (portfolios below Rs 500 Cr). The Meet was structured to facilitate one-to-one discussions which provided a platform for the Member MFIs, Lenders and Investors to interact, with a focus on small and medium sized MFIs (portfolios below Rs 500 Cr).
Exploring Investment Opportunities with MFIs & NBFCs in India, 2018
CROWD CREDIT is a marketplace lending platform which provides Japanese retail investors with investment opportunities in; personal loans in Europe, SMEs loans in Africa, loans to financial institutions in Latin America or loans to renewable energy businesses in Asia. Since its service launch in June 2014, CROWD CREDIT has raised the loan funds over US$ 120 million from above 31,000 registered investors in Japan, and we are looking to expand to a new market with significant potentials, which is India. The event was aimed at exploring the market for bulk loans among Indian finance companies and to introduce their draft loan transaction structure to finance Indian microfinance institutions and other small non-banking financial institutions from an offshore entity for discussion purpose
Agents of Change: How the Human Touch Is Bringing Digital Financial Services to New Customers in India, 2017
In India and elsewhere, agents play a crucial role in successfully transitioning their clients to digital platforms, and as such, their value to the financial sector and the institutions they represent—commercial banks, payment banks, and microfinance institutions—goes above and beyond simply explaining to customers how to use financial products and services. Instead, agents are the key to building trust, resolving problems, and ensuring value for customers. The discussion highlighted the state of agent practice in India and examine 10 principal insights on training, equipping, and promoting financial product awareness among agents. The conversation explored findings of a research and discuss their implications for commercial banks, payment banks, microfinance institutions and their customers alike, and the financial inclusion community at large as India continues on its path towards a digital financial future.
Customer Experience in a Box, 2016
Account dormancy rates in India has remained very high in India. Efforts such as the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, and direct benefit transfers amongst others, had reduced this gap during 2014-16. Despite these initiatives, the gap continues to persist. CGAP believes that a focus on the customer can benefit both the customer and business; a belief that is strongly held by several financial service providers. The aim of this session titled ‘Customer experience in a Box’, was to equip financial service providers with tools to create a positive customer experience, which benefits business as well. The workshop aimed to teach a set of tools that can be applied on a daily basis.